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SAUL KAYE: Founder CEO, Entrepreneur, Family Man, Cannabis Maven CEO of iCAN. Known to wear superman socks.

DEBBIE KAYE: Investor & Executive Relations, Admin Guru, medical cannabis activist and Mommy to Billy the newfie – oh and sister of the CEO. 

YARON ESHEL: Director of Life Sciences,  Thinker. Podcast geek. Lover of family time. Possess rare ability to have a room full of people disagree with me and still not mind me being in the room.

SARI KLAFF: VP of CannaTech, Unabashed nature enthusiast with a penchant for cheap candy and great stories. Hard worker. Values honesty. Passionate about life. Thinks all rock is classic.

JOSHUA BERMAN: Director of Business Development,  Business developer, resourceful connector, innovative thinker, podcast junkie, hands-on husband and father and lover of all things spicy.

LIRON DREZNER: Life Sciences, Lover of all things healthy and balanced. Sees science as the greatest marketing tool for bio innovation. Uniquely talented navigator. Above all else, honesty. 

JULIA WEIGENSBERG: Event Administrator, Loves to travel, consummate party hostess, people person.  Highly organized, hardworking and most importantly, dedicated mom to her posse of girls. 

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REAVIS DANIEL MOORE: Managing Director of iCAN Serve, Farm boy to global cannabis guide. LA-NY music biz 20 years. Co-founder Earthdance. Cannabis pioneer, up from the underground. Tells too many stories.

TALI PAIS: Event Production, There is nothing better than running on the beach and planning my next event. Designer, producer, people person with the ability to see the big picture and attention to the smallest details.


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